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Probate Law

At Delekta & Delekta P.C. we know that going through probate is a tough process for many individuals who are recently dealing with the loss of a loved one. Let us help you through the process, making sure everything goes smoothly and reducing unnecessary stress.

First Steps After They've Passed Away

If a family member or a person you are caring for just passed away there are several things you should do. If your loved one was on Social Security, it is important to let Social Security know of the death so that they can stop payments, and you can avoid having to repay overpayments.

It is also important to contact the employer if the person was still working to let them know and so you can figure out if there were any life insurance policies through the company or if your loved one is entitled to any other benefits (such as survivor spouse benefits).

You will also want to contact the individual’s health insurance company to make sure that the deceased person’s coverage is discontinued, while making sure that everyone else on the plan continues to have coverage.

It is also important to determine what bills the deceased person had so that certain bills can continue to be paid such as a mortgage.

It is also important to get in touch with an attorney, accountant, and financial advisor so that you can determine whether you need to go through probate and to get all of the deceased person’s real estate, bank accounts, stocks, and vehicles properly transferred, as well as make sure any tax issues are dealt with properly.

Probate Administration

Probate administration can take several forms and varies by state.

It may be necessary to open probate estates in several different states if the deceased individual owned property in more than one state or country. Many states have what is called a small estate and can handle very small probates estates under a certain amount of money, some allow the estate to include real estate, others do not. Small estates can usually be handled by filing a small number of documents, such as an affidavit, with the court.

If the estate is larger in nature it may be necessary to go through a more complex probate process and requires filing substantially more documents with the court. Our office can help you determine exactly what probate administration is necessary for your case and handle the process for you.

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